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9377 Route 240, West Valley, NY 14171
Mail To: PO Box 306, West Valley, NY 14171

Phone: 716.942.6016 ext 9
Fax: 716.942.3957

Town of Ashford NY Dog Control FACEBOOK PAGE

When we find a dog with a license tag, it makes everyone’s life (especially the dogs) much easier as the owner is located immediately and the dog is safely returned with no impoundment fees.  We have a free annual rabies clinic here in the Town of Ashford and dogs can be vaccinated and licensed all at the same time!


John Syms

Rabies Clinic
DATE: June 29, 2019
PLACE: Ashford Highway Barn, Fox Valley Road
TIME: 1:00 - 3:00 PM

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THANK YOU Dr. Michael Reilly

If you would like to help with the rabies clinic, please contact Patricia R. Dashnaw, Town Clerk


The Town of Ashford has appointed Kasey Cummings and Todd Miller as dog enumerators.
  Enumeration will be extended through September.  Any owners found with unlicensed dogs or dogs whose current licenses are delinquent will be subject to additional fees.  Contact Patricia R. Dashnaw, Ashford Town Clerk at 716 942 6016 ext 4 with questions or email ashfordtownclerk@gmail.com.

Patricia R. Dashnaw, Ashford Town Clerk

Dogs can be licensed with the Ashford Town Clerk’s office at the: Ashford Community Center 9377 Route 240, West Valley
Monday evening 6pm-8pm, Tues & Thurs 7am-1pm, prior to Board meetings 5pm-7pm OR dogs may be licensed through the mail. Consult the Town of Ashford website at www.ashfordny.org  on the Town Clerk link on mailing instructions. All dogs over 4 months of age and being harbored in the Town of Ashford for more than 30 days, need a Town of Ashford dog license. Dogs will need a current rabies certificate, proof of spay or neuter (if applicable), and a fee of $8.50 for spay/neuter dogs, or $16.50 for unspay/unneuter dogs. Town of Ashford will hold a free rabies clinic June 30th 1pm -3pm at the Town of Ashford Highway Barn, Fox Valley Road. Dogs may be licensed at Rabies Clinic for your convenience. Contact Patricia R. Dashnaw, Ashford Town Clerk at 716 942 6016 ext 4 with questions or e-mail ashfordtownclerk@gmail.com.    

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