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9377 Route 240, West Valley, NY 14171
Mail To: PO Box 306, West Valley, NY 14171

Deputy Town Clerk, Mary Kay Williams

Phone: 716.942.6016 ext 4
Fax: 716.942.3957

Office Hours
Monday 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Tuesday and Thursday 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Wednesday prior to Board Meetings 5:00 - 7:00 PM
Additional tax collection hours are
Wednesday and Friday 2:00 - 5:00 PM

Other times by appointment only

Getting Married in New York State
Disability Parking & License Application
Dog License Application Form
Peddlers License Application (APP Ped & Soliciting)

Dog Licenses
Dogs over 4 months old and dogs being harbored in the Town of Ashford for more than 30 days need to be licensed in the Town of Ashford.  Proof of current rabies vaccination, proof of castration (if applicable), and fees are needed to license the dog.  Fees are $16.50 for a non-spayed/neutered dog and $8.50 for spayed/neutered dog.   Renewals will automatically be sent.  Dog licenses can be purchased and renewed in person or mailed.  When mailing, please be sure to include the aforementioned documentation and a phone number in case there are questions.

Marriage Licenses
Marriage licenses can be purchased by any New York State Town Clerk.  Both parties need to be present and need to provide picture identification, divorce papers (if applicable), birth certificate, and pay $30 for the license.  The license needs to be purchase no more than 60 days prior to the wedding and before 24 hours before the wedding.

Hunting/Fishing Licenses

Make sure to have picture identification
Hunting and Fishing Regulation Books are available in the office as well as other publications regarding hunting, fishing, water fowl.

Handicapped Parking Permits

Each person applying for a handicapped parking permit needs to have permission from the doctor to be issued the permit.  The applicant needs to provide a form MV-664 signed by the doctor and the applicant.  Renewals for permanent permits will not need a new form unless the form is more than 15 years old.  Permits will be issued for 5 years for permanent permits.

EZ Pass

An EZ Pass may be purchased for $25.  Once registered online or by telephone, there will be $25 in tolls to be used in multiple states and it doesn’t expire.  When it is registered you may register up to 4 vehicles for the EZ Pass.

FOIL Requests
Must be directed to the Town Clerk

Peddlers License

Refer to Local Law on our website
Anyone wishing to visit residents for purposes of merchandising or soliciting needs to apply for a license.  The Fee is $25 to apply and Town Board has the authority to approve the issue of the license or reject the application.

Games of Chance License

Refer to Local Law on our website
Any organization who is fundraising with Games of Chance needs to apply for a license

Property Tax Bills and Processing Payments

Town and County Tax Bills are due January 31 and School Taxes are due September 30.  Notices are put in the Springville Journal (the Town of Ashford Official Newspaper) with specific payment information and hours of collection.  A municipality is not required to send out tax bills however, the Town of Ashford does send them as a courtesy.  It is up to the property owner to know when the taxes are due and seek out the amounts should the tax bill not be received.  School Taxes paid in October incur a penalty and if not paid before October 31 are added to the Town and County Tax Bill.  Town and County Taxes paid in February incur a 1% penalty and paid in March a 2% penalty.  Delinquent notices will be sent pursuant to NYS Real Property Law and after March 15th taxes paid will incur an additional $2 fee per bill to offset the cost of mailing the delinquent notice.

Water District Billing

Website Manager

Anyone wishing to have anything put on the website needs to contact the Town Clerk with the information and for approval.  Events can be listed on the Calendar and in Announcements.  Local Businesses and Contractors as well as Attractions may also be added or changed on the website as well.

Any payment for fees to the Town Clerk need to be cash, check, or money order.  Checks made payable to "Ashford Town Clerk"

Services provided by the Town Clerk's Office:

Clerk to the Town Board Records Manager
Water Billing
Dog Licenses
Marriage Licenses
Hunting & Fishing Licenses
Handicapped Parking Permits
Vital Records
EZ Pass Sales Agent
FOIL Officer
Peddlers License
Games of Chance License
Issues Property Tax Bills and Processes Payments
Water District Billing
Website Manager
Transfer Station Ticket Sales Agent