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Required to give reports within 30 days of meetings

 Pfeffer, Engels, Bernstein
Planning  Heim, Bond
Highway  Heim, Engels, Bond
Sidewalks and Buildings  Heim, Engels, Pfeffer
Animal Control and Constables  Heim, Bernstein
Youth and Sr. Citizens  Bond, Pfeffer
Telecommunications  Pfeffer, Bernstein
Water District  Pfeffer, Bernstein


Town Council
Charles Davis III, Supervisor (term ending 2019)
Richard Bernstein (term ending 2019)
William Heim (term ending 2021)
Jean Bond (term ending 2019)

John Pfeffer, Deputy Supervisor (term ending 2021)
716-801-1838  townofashfordcouncilmanjp@gmail.com

Meets 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM
9377 Route 240, West Valley, NY 14171
Mail To: PO Box 306, West Valley, NY 14171

Planning Board
Andrea Mellon, Chairperson (term ending 2021)
Tim Dashnaw (term ending 2019)
John Patti (term ending 2023)
Emily Arena (term ending 2022)
Bradley Frank (term ending 2020)

Meets 1st Wednesday at 7:00 PM
at the Ashford Community Center


Assessment Review Board
Michael Gerwitz, Chairperson (term ending 2021)
Bruce Crandall (term ending 2020)
Corey Klahn (term ending 2022)
David Hansen (term ending 2023)
Gary Frank (term ending 2019)

Board of Appeals
David Cobo, Chairperson (term ending 2019)
Eric Boberg (term ending 2020)
Larry Nagel (term ending 2021)
Bruce Crandall (term ending 2022)
Charles Schichtel (term ending 2023)

Youth Recreation Commission
Angela Ghani, Director (term ending 2019)
William Sloand (term ending 2023)
Krista Frank (term ending 2024)
Jennifer Neumann (term ending 2020)
Frances Engels (term ending 2021)
Janet Vant (term ending 2022)
Michael Boberg, Youth Representative (annual appointment)
Maggie Parish (annual appointment)